Vive la Liberté!

Reader Susan Cullen sends us this slightly moth-eaten, but still surviving (goddammit), nipper.

Carrot devoured years ago, alas. Speaking of which, those mangy Velcro-covered paws are giving me the shivers and the fear. Now have visions of my own (abandoned) nipper dragging himself across the floor, into the bed, and then, um, causing me minor skin irritation with some frantic paw-rubbing.

Any others? Send ’em on.

(by fústar)


3 thoughts on “Vive la Liberté!

  1. Susan Cullen says:

    Moth eaten? How very dare you! Nipper’s location will not be disclosed for fear of kidnap attempts*

    *cash offers may be considered

  2. fústar says:

    I’ll give you one pot of nicely-curdled Mona yoghurt for it. Has been sitting in my Texaco school bag since mid 80s. I take no responsibility for what contents may do to you. Or to the world.

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