Taffin: The Extended Cut

I think I spent at least an hour replaying the original clip of this, making myself sick the way you do when you’ve pigged out on processed crisps but won’t stop so long as there’s some left at the bottom of the tube. This above has more “heeeeeere”.

The scene eventually becomes like an irritatingly familiar song, and you find yourself donning shades and screaming along. Found via Broadsheet.

Soon, I will begin to recount the effects of growing up without RTÉ in a forgotten northern neck of the Republic. Nippers? No bite. Wanderly Wagon? Wheels came off. Where’s Grandad? Shame on you for losing him.

Stig in the Mud of the Dump? Now you’re talking.

(by Allan Cavanagh)

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8 thoughts on “Taffin: The Extended Cut

  1. kennyk2 says:

    I friggin’ love this. First came across it on Adam and Joe. Then, more recently, I watched the film. It’s hilarous. Every Irish actor ever is in it.

  2. I haven’t even seen the film, but it’s a slogan I expect some Fine Gael councillor will adopt in the near future when dealing with black constituents.

  3. DaraghOBrien says:

    What this country needs now is a sequel to Taffin.

  4. Taffin II: Taffin Taffin.

  5. Brendan Strong says:

    Do you mean Stig of the Dump? If so, you may be 4th Irish person I have encountered (encountered in the sense that I read this post ;-)) who has… I used to love it as a kid. Read the book, watched the TV programme.

    • Thanks Brendan, corrected that. Yes, as far as I recall it was one of the first shows Children’s ITV showed when it launched. I don’t remember much about it other than I loved it. Must go looking for details for a post!

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