Dublin: A Personal View…Hector Grey’s

If we had any cop on we would have stormed and ransacked the studios of TV3 years ago and set up a video broadcast loop of the series Dublin: A Personal View by Eamon Mac Thomais.

Besides the proliferation of Spars, apartment blocks and aggro in Dublin we have lost the character of the city. I love this video for many reasons but my favourite part is seeing Hector Grey…the actual Hector Grey, selling at a market.

I never thought he was a real person until my Grandad told me a nutty story about his Da and Hector Grey selling some ripped off bicycle repair kits during the war.

I think Hector Grey’s is now a smoothie bar or something. Perfect.

(by Bob Byrne)

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8 thoughts on “Dublin: A Personal View…Hector Grey’s

  1. europhile says:

    I could very well be wrong but I have a notion that Hector was Ali Hewson’s grandfather.

  2. fústar says:

    Another mention for Eamon Mac Thomais. That’s 2 days in a row. (http://wheresgrandad.com/2012/05/12/thats-not-berlin-thats-up-by-christchurch/)

    Love Eamon leading a gang of street kids around like a cigarette-wielding Pied Piper. Could also listen to him say the word “picture” for hours.

  3. nlgbbbblth says:

    It’s a fascinating clip – would love to see that series get a DVD release.

  4. Bob Byrne says:

    Apparently you can get a copy on dvd from RTE for a huge fee, would love to see it as a commercial dvd release.

  5. gracielooks says:

    I worked for Hector Grey in 1999, he was dead or retired so the shop had another owner by then. It was horrible, there wasn’t even toilet paper, well the toilet was full of stock and you had to pee in Burger King anyway. It was one of my worst jobs and I wasn’t sorry when the shop closed.

  6. Hector Grey was my grandfather, the earliest childhood memories I have are of toys breaking (or just never working) on Christmas Day, because for some reason Santa Claus who delivered to my house always shopped at Hector Grey!

    The rumor hat hector was Ali’s father is unfortunately not true. The relationship between Ali and hector is through marriage on the wrong side of the family. Ali is my first cousin on my Dads side and Hector is my grandfather in my Ma’s side – not sure we’re that story got started I suppose being married to Bono just isn’t enough fame these days 🙂

    He was beyond par as a salesman and storyteller. As me ma says he’d be good enough to sell you your own stuff and you’d still feel as though you like you were getting a bargain !

    RIP Hector

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