Lovely Little Yokes: Prototype Tat

There is nothing I can write to build up or soften the blow of actually seeing these images.

I used to work in the souvenir business, I designed a fair amount of the shite you will find in Carroll’s of Dublin. We couldn’t keep up with the demand for Oirish tat.

The below abominations were designed by the great Terry Willers. He would churn out pencil sketches by the dozen on any given theme. These are prototypes for a series of exclusive figurines for the gift shop in Sea World Florida.

These are so creepy and wrong but the best part is they are completely unique, apart from maybe another copy in China these are the only ever produced. And I have them (along with a few other proto-gems)

(by Bob Byrne)


4 thoughts on “Lovely Little Yokes: Prototype Tat

  1. fústar says:

    So…what exactly was the idea? That someone would be in Sea World, Florida gazing around the gift-shop forlornly thinking (for some reason) “Y’know, I really wish some of these dolphins looked more like Molly Malone”. Did this unlikely gap in the market exist? Perhaps not if these yokes never got beyond the prototype stage. The level of detail on the “Molly” is pretty impressive. Even if it is, perhaps, the most terrifying thing ever created by human hands.

  2. Bob Byrne says:

    Sea World were already selling our leprechaun figurines really well so I presume some sales rep dick floated the idea of Sea World meets Ireland. Terry’s drawings didn’t look too creepy though, I think the realistic texturing on Molly’s cart messes it up. It could have been more toony.

    I will dig out more of this stuff soon.

    • fústar says:

      Please do. I’m a bit staggered that visitors to Sea World (in *Florida*) think the perfect souvenir of their trip is a Leprechaun. Next time I go to the Aillwee Caves I’m returning with one of those cute bullfighter dolls in a plastic tube that everyone brought back from Spain in the 70s. “It captures my experience perfectly”, I’ll say.

  3. Bob Byrne says:

    The majority of the figurines we made were sold in airports and gift shops in US. They just love Irish tat!

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