• John George Byrne (fústar) is the editor of Where’s Grandad? He reviews TV and Radio for the Evening Herald, and writes (or has written) for the likes of The Irish Times, The Irish Examiner and SFX. He “appears” regularly on the wireless (Arena, The Dave Fanning Show etc), and has been trying to maintain a blog at since 2005. He tweets as @fustar and can be emailed at:
  • Kitty Catastrophe is a Dublin-based graphic designer with a devastating weakness for bacon fries and Tanora. She dislikes overuse of exclamation marks, is constantly planning for the zombie apocalypse and can be found blogging about all manner of nonsense over at (@redlemonader)
  • Allan Cavanagh is a Galway-based cartoonist and caricature artist who only found out there were Star Wars sequels when a cousin left behind a Return of the Jedi annual one summer in the mid-80s. He still feels pangs of regret every time he watches that scene in Empire Strikes Back. He recently found his old Transformers in his parents’ attic and had to be gently coaxed back down with a pair of A-Team underpants on a stick. He is currently working on a thesis that RTÉ screening Beachcombers was an Opus Dei conspiracy to scare children into clinging to the idea of a benevolent god as the chaotic alternative was too terrifying and resembled Beachcombers. He blogs at and is @allancavanagh on Twitter.
  • Patrick Freyne is a large hairy man who writes for newspapers and magazines and speaks on the radio. He has also written short films and songs. He fantasises about appearing on The Frontline and wowing everyone with his no nonsense views…like Jesus in the temple or John Belushi in Animal House. (@PatrickFreyne1)
  • Sinéad Gleeson is a journalist, TV/radio broadcaster and the editor of a forthcoming anthology of Irish short stories. She likes cake and notebooks. (@sineadgleeson)
  • Kirstie McDermott has a CV as jumbled as Bosco’s undercarriage after a particularly heavy session with Frank and Philip. Formerly of the parish, she’s the Irish Examiner Weekend’s beauty editor and freelances about the place for various publications. She is utterly unashamed about her love of really awful disaster movies and her mastermind specialist subject would be the works of John Reiss and Rick Froberg. As someone who is not remotely interested in football, she knows way more about QPR than she should, and her flat is really, really untidy. She’s on Twitter @kirstie and naturally she’s hysterical.
  • Lisa McInerney is a columnist, writer, and really bad interviewee from Galway, obviously. She likes retro video games, Uncle Phil, and hanging out in the chipper playing the jukebox with the cool kids. She is sometimes found skulking at, but more often on Twitter (@SwearyLady), where her internet-ravaged attention span is much less noticeable. Conversely, she is currently available for six-figure book deals.
  • Jen Ronan (JayRow) is a Limerick-based writer/blogger/singer/songwriter who masquerades as an adult by day in the form of a Primary teacher. By nights and weekends however, she indulges in her love of live music (both watching and playing) and as a fledgling member of the Limerick Roller Girls, the city’s roller derby team. She’s rather fond of heavy metal, having been recently published in Molten Magazine, Ireland’s only dedicated metal mag. She also loves her little corner of the internet, full of her music (, tweeting an unhealthy amount (@JayRow), and posting about various bits ‘n’ bobs on her blog The House Of J-Ro.

    Paul Tarpey is a lecturer in the Limerick School of Art and Design and maintains Skip Traces as a socially engaged research site. An interest in place and the consequences of music-based social activity is an ongoing theme in lens-based work and writing since the early 90s.


One thought on “Contributors

  1. Cool Beans says:

    Pop Quiz!
    Would anyone happen to know who the person who used to write the film previews for RTE Aertel was? He/she was an unrecognised genius.
    Pithy, insightful, and grossly under-rated/over-looked gems of reviews, such as “my sister liked it”! Anyone remember this guy, or have any idea as to his/her identity?

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